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Yong Hwee's Network

Hello and welcome to Yong Hwee's Network. Yong Hwee's network??? Well, I am Yong Hwee (吳榮輝) and I am from Malacca (馬六甲) the historical state of Malaysia (馬來西亜). My current base is Singapore (新加坡). Wonder the kind of person I am??? Hmmmm... I would only describe myself as an average person with a career, caring parents, siblings and friends. I am that kind of person that always aware of what I am doing. I would say I am a very focused person. When it comes to work, I can get to the serious type. I like everything that has got to do with computers. Nerd??? Well, I am no nerd and far from being called one.

Working with computers is my passion. I love programming, troubleshooting and solving problems. Dealing with problems can be challenging and stressful at times. It depends on one's mindset. However, to me, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. My areas of specialization are application and database programming, computer hardware maintenance and troubleshooting, and web development. Besides, I am also competent in various software applications. For details, please refer to my résumé.

However, since I joined the Information System Department of Singapore Epson, I have been focusing on enterprise-wide ERP and data warehousing. I have been working with the BPCS ERP system running on the i520 and a data warehouse which we built from scratch running on MS SQL Server 2005. For your information, we are running a so-called 'mixed environment' where a portfolio of applications running in both iSeries and Intel-based servers are in place to support the operations of the company. Applications running on the iSeries include BPCS ERP, SAP R/3 Finance and HR modules where as applications running on the Intel-based servers include workflow system, logistics and warehouse system, costing system, data warehouse, job management, email, file sharing and others. Over here at Singapore Epson, I have a good boss who has been supportive and good colleagues whom we have been sharing laughs and tears together.

You may be wondering why I name this site as Yong Hwee's Network. It is simply because I treat it as my personal network. If there are things that I would like to share with you, I will put them on this site. So, check out this site from time to time.

This site also served as my sample piece of work and I have put in a lot of efforts. From choosing the theme, designing the layout, creating graphics, coding, preparing the content, maintaining the site W3C compliant to uploading the files, I have spent a considerable amount of time and energy. Maintaining the site, keeping it running, accessible and up to date is not easy. It is an ongoing process. However, it is worthwhile and I am happy doing it. Seeing this site up and running gives me the feel of satisfaction. I am proud of it.

Lastly, if you have any comment or suggestion concerning this site, please feel free to let me know by mailing me or completing the contact form on this site. Please remember to bookmark this site by adding it to your favourites. I would appreciate it if you sign my guestbook as well. Please check out this site regularly for up to date information. I will add more things in future. Thanks for visiting my personal network and I hope you'll find it to be a "little sweet home". Happy browsing!

Yong Hwee

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